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I am thankful to my mom and dad (and my grandparents and their parents and their parents' parents) or in other words - my genes - that I have normal skin which means my skin doesn't require a lot of care or special treatment, it is neither too oily nor too dry. To be honest, a good moisturizer and a facial peel is all I need these days. However, I am always excited as a girl can be to try new products and get to know new brands out there. Susanne Kaufmann and Herbivore Botanicals are my new discoveries this month both making products out of natural ingredients that have therapeutic, healing powers.

Today I am sharing with you the list of my favourite skincare products I use to date.


Every morning Calendula herbal extract alcohol-free toner, here

Twice a week Deep cleaning facial peel, here

Every morning Balancing facial oil, here

Every morning and evening Ultra facial cream, here

Every time before put my make up on Face fluid, here

Every evening Midnight recovery concentrate, here


Every time when take a bath Oil bath for the senses, here

Every time when in the sun Sun cream, here

Everyday Hand balm, here

Everyday when it's cold Hand cream, here